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2020-03/05: March to May 2020





BUT no results received from the following games:

Greyhound 2, 9 March

RAF Club 13 March

Blunsdon 16 March

All playing FIVE games or more are invited to our final at the Rainbow Casino, Bristol

on who knows when??

If you think the tables are wrong, click on your name to check what is recorded for you. Contact Dennis

on 07540 398914 or [email protected]

Changes will not be considered at the series final.




PositionMembership NumberPlayerTotal ScoreGames PlayedExtra Chips
11658Hayley Lundberg835111000
21448Nigel Anderson5206500
31642Dish Patel46041000
41007Paresh Patel39541500
52108Richard Mighton38550
62093Mark Dando3604500
72254Sharon Evans3456500
82248N J 34580
92098Mark Carpenter32060
101180Dave Errington3105500
111126Martyn Frost3004500
122047Tina Powell27030
132041Aaron Darlow2703500
142104Mandy Stock26060
151466Allen Tatton25040
162119Aaron Patel2454500
172046Barry Owen2403500
182028Clive Cooper2304500
191827Leroy Oakey2202500
202062Will Park21030
212288Peter Metcalfe2103500
221697Rob Donelan21050
231703Mark Diamond20030
241667Stuart Taylor20030
252043Dan Iles2003500
261586Steve Adams1902500
272057Pete Pooletti19030
281696Steve Francis1802500
292074Mike Davies18020
301955Dale Corry18020
311838Clive Smith18040
321716Daniel Davis1752500
332257Chris Pankhurst17020
341607Malcolm Adams1702500
351686Dean Clune17020
361983Dan Wilcox15520
372312Evan Archer15020
382170Marc Nash15020
392121Eddie Potter14530
402007Julie Rose13530
412352Gareth Lyons1301500
422353Aaron Johnson1301500
431438Douglas Hart1301500
442088Inez Gilpin13020
452084Nathan Matthews13020
461062Jack Green13030
472346Pete Jones12020
481898Gary Corcoran12020
491793Julian Humphries12020
501694Dave Hanley11520
511839Richard Smith11530
521795Graeme Batstone11010
531321Tim Dancey11010
542031Nick Morgan-Tipp11010
551487Riaz Fazal11010
562354Josh Gittings11010
572116Carl Richardson11010
582232Shaun Pritchard11020
592186Pat Perry11020
602308Jake Spira11020
611612Nikki Humphries11020
622040Alan Compton11030
631014Simon Inglis10020
641130Keith Wheeler9010
652131Vince Scarth9010
662064Arthur Smalley9010
672342Mike Knapp9010
682167Leon Latouche8020
692100Andrew Mosforth7010
702327Rowan Duncan7010
711899Graeme Stewart7010
722238Ian Artus7010
731106Mark Taylor7010
742049Colin Warrington7010
752323Rob Norton7010
761884Rich Johnson7010
772048Bri Trinder7020
782314John Waters7020
792236Natasha Turk6520
802006Lauren Allen6010
811051Dave Rogers6010
821585Jason Huntley6020
832087Kalem Ferris5010
841189Chris Houlton5010
852115Marlene Carter5010
861186Harrison Malt5020
872253Dave Sher5020
882335Sam Hopton4010
892198Phil Mutty4010
902355Connor Beamish4010
912187Jake Wilkes4020
922272Vietnam Van4020
932094Pete Brady3520
941Guest 3010
951003Nobby Clark3010
962338Joe Watts3010
972280Andy Bick3010
981447James Raine3010
991138Tyler Shrubb3010
1001469Craig Davenport2010
1012303Julie O'Connell2010
1021011Joe Dooner2010
1032045Kerry Miles2010
1042142Toby Reynolds1520
1052038Matt Arkle1010
1062345Bill Davies510
1072356Adam Smith510
1082328Leon Saberras510
1091925Darryl Hill510
1101691Colin Brown510
1112279Paul Smith510
1121748Gary Poppleton510
1132Guest 510
1141653Mike Errington510

Best 10

PositionMembership NumberPlayerTotal ScoreGames Played
11658Hayley Lundberg83011