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The November/December 2015 series final was held at the Gala Casino in Bristol on Sunday 31 January 2016. 


After Andrew Cannon Snr had been presented with his trophy for winning both the November/December series league and the best ten scores, 41 players sat down to do battle.  First out, to loud cheers, was Josh Harris.  But, thanks to the option to rebuy, Josh was soon back.


After the usual mix of rubbish cards and rubbish play, we arrived at the final table with the following players all in with a chance for the cash prizes.  The chip count was as follows:


Luke Gamble 300,100
Dave Errington 213,500
Darren Franks 188,400
Allen Tatton 164,800
Mark James 108,900
Emma Riley   59,600
Marie Cannon   57,500
Josh Richards   39,000
Josh Harris   29,000


First to leave us was Josh Richards whose K9 off was no match for Dave's AQ off, especially with A and Q appearing on the turn and the river. 


But surprisingly, the next to leave was Dave Errington when his A8 off all in shout was called by Luke holding AK off.  Dave hit the 8 on the flop but, sadly for him, Luke flopped the king.  The ace on the river just added insult to injury.  As Dave was the reigning champion, Luke collected the £25 bounty on Dave's head.


Finishing in seventh place after being first out, Josh Harris lost the race with Luke when his Q10 of hearts failed to find a match and Luke's pocket fours held up.


Marie was not so lucky with her pocket fours next hand as her all in was met with Tats' pocket kings.


In the money now, as Emma leaves with her £50 fifth prize.  Hopeful after the flop of 9,5,3 of hearts found a match for the J9 of clubs.  Not so happy as the river gave Tats the ace to match his A4 off.


Daz left with £100 in fourth after his QJ off all in was called by Tats holding KQ off.  The flop produced both king and jack.  The king on the river just made sure.


Mark had hit a straight flush earlier on final table when his 9,8 of diamonds met a flop of 10, 7, 6 of diamonds.  But he ended the day in third place and collected prize money of £150 when his K9 of clubs left him with only one over when Tats showed pocket nines.


So now it's heads up with Tats holding a slight chip lead.  But poker being the game it is, that was to no avail when his final call of K6 of hearts was called by Luke - who was ahead on chips by then - holding Q7 off.  Tats was ahead until what proved to be the last card of the tournament when the seven of clubs appeared on the river.


£500 and trophy to the winner and £200 to the runner up.


Top ten for the November/December 2015 series final

1 Luke Gamble
2 Allen Tatton
3 Mark James
4 Darren Franks
5 Emma Riley
6 Marie Cannon
7 Josh Harris
8 Dave Errington
9 Josh Richards
10 Paresh Patel



So get those games in in February to make sure we see you at the Gala Casino on Sunday 27 March for the January/February final.