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Qualifiers for January.February 2016 series final

The following players are invited to the January/February 2016 series final at the Rainbow Casino, Explore Lane Bristol BS1 5TY on Sunday 10th April.  Play starts at 12 noon SHARP.  If you are going to be late please let Dennis or Paresh know before 12 noon on the day.

Also shown is the number of extra chips earned.  If you think that you have qualified and you are not listed here, or if you disagree with the extra chips shown, contact Dennis before the day.  DISPUTES WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED AT THE FINAL.



Adrian Parry Smyth 1,000

Keith Wheeler   

Allen Tatton   Konrad Czechyra   
AndrewCannon Snr    4,000 Luke Gamble  
Andy Bennett   Luke Tyler  
Andy Keen   Malcolm Adams 4,000
Ash Larkin   Marie Cannon 1,000
Ayrton Grant   Mark James    500
Bob Davidson    500 Mark Paget  
Brandon Pass   Martyn Frost  
Chris Houlton 1,000 Matt Johnson  
Clive Smith   Maz  
Craig Mackie 1,000 Mike Humphries  
Darren Franks   Nicholas Arrell  
Dave Errington   Nicola Tarry  
Dave Plumpton   Nikki Humphries    500
Dennis Parsons    500 Nobby Clark 2,000
Dom Frasca   Paresh Patel 3,500
Domas Gedrimas   Richard Holden  
Emma Riley   Richard Huskonson 1,000
Eniko Gallai    500 Richard Sheldon    500
Gabor Biro   Rob Greene  
    Rob Wayman  
Gary Broom    500 Ryan Poulton  
Graeme Batstone   Sean Khodabaccus   
Harry Malt 1,500 Simon Inglis    500
Jacob Cole 1,000 Steve Adams 3,000
James Brown   Steve Patchett    500
Jason Huntley 1,000 Steven Medler  
Jens Eberhardt    500 Tamas Biro  
    Stuart Smith  
Jo Edwards   Tim Dancey    500
Jordan McGoldrick    500 Tracey Thirnton    500
Josh Richards   Vince Scarth  
Josh Harris      
Julian Humphries 1,000