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League Rules


1. All finals will normally take place on the last Sunday of the month following, but all dates will be notified on this website.

2. The final will be held at the Rainbow Casino in Bristol unless otherwise advised.

3.Top 80 players based on points scored in league games and playing a minimum of SEVEN games qualify.

4. Extra chips will be added to a player's starting stack at the final on the basis of 500 for each match night game won; and 1,000 for having played 15 match night games in the three months plus 500 for each additional 7 games played. Up to a maximum 5,000 extra chips.

5. The final is free to play.

6. Players eliminated before the first break (level 6) may re-enter for £20 up to a maximum of three times but must leave their table and wait for a seat to become available on a different table each time.

7. Players with fewer than 20,000 chips at the first break may forfeit their stack and re-enter with 20,000 chips after the first break for £20.


The total prize pool will be the amount of money received from the venues minus the expenses of running the league and finals.

At least top five finishers will be paid. Bounty on previous final winner: £25 cash on the night

For more information send email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Time Table - League Nights

Start TimeSmall/Big BindDuration
7.30pm 50 / 100 20 minutes
7.50pm 100 / 200 20 minutes
8.10pm 150 / 300 20 minutes
8.30pm BREAK

Chip up 50s Blue

10 minutes
8.40pm 200 / 400 15 minutes
9.00pm 300 / 600 15 minutes
9.15pm 400 / 800 15 minutes
9.30pm BREAK


10 minutes
9.40pm 600 / 1,200 15 minutes
9.55pm 800 / 1,600 15 minutes
10.10pm BREAK

Chip up 100s Black, 500s Purple

5 minutes
10.15pm 1,000 / 2,000 10 minutes
10.25pm 2,000 / 4,000 10 minutes
10.35pm 3,000 / 6,000 10 minutes
10.45pm 5,000 / 10,000 TO FINISH


Pit boss decision is final at nightly league games



Place Points

First 130
Second 110
Third 90
Fourth 70
Fifth 60
Sixth 50
Seventh 40
Eighth 30
Tenth 10
All other places 5



Chip Values

Blue = 50

Black = 100

Purple = 500

Yellow = 1,000

Orange = 5,000

Pink = 10,000


White Plaque = 25,000

Orange Plaque = 50,000

Black Plaque = 100,000


Match Night Playing Rules

Please note: in case of doubt and/or where these rules are silent, casino rules apply and specifically Rainbow Casino rules apply

1. Fair Play Poker League games are all no limit Texas Hold'em poker.

2. Players play for points only based on finishing position. Blinds and points for nightly league games are issued separately.

3. Qualification for finals and all prizes will be based on points won by each player. Details of qualification criteria and prizes are issued separately.

4. Qualification criteria and prizes will be reviewed continually. Players will be advised of changes. Player registration

5. Players must sign in before each game. Players who fail to sign the match night registration form for any reason will be deemed not to have played and will be awarded no points for that game. Chips and blinds

6. All players start with the same value of chips

7. The chips have no cash value.

8. Blinds will increase as per the blind structure and will be announced by the pit boss.

9. All breaks may be cancelled if all still playing agree.

10. A player may sign in to a game in advance and will have until the end of level three to take his/her seat. Hands will be dealt and folded and blinds will be paid. If the player does not take his/her seat by the end of level three, the chips will be removed from the table, and the player will be deemed not to have played.

11. A player arriving after the game has started may take his seat up to the end of the first blind. On his/her first hand, the latecomer must post the big blind as his/her minimum bet and contribute any missed blinds to the pot.

12. If either or both blinds are on the table when the next blind is announced, if No cards have been dealt blinds will rise to next level.

13. Players must place bets directly in front of their position and the amount bet should be visible to all. When a round of betting is completed, all chips should be placed in the middle of the table. Players must not 'splash the pot' – mix their bet with the chips already in the pot. If it is not clear how many chips have been played, the bet is forfeit.

14. Lower valued chips will be removed when they can no longer be used singly because of increased blinds. Chips to the same value will be issued by the pit boss to replace those removed, rounding up where necessary.

15. The dealer is the only player allowed to touch chips in the pot. Players should make change with other players between hands. If necessary, the player may state his intended action (call, raise) and the dealer may make change for the player from the pot.

16. In the event of a game not being concluded at closing time, the landlord can decide to finish the game with the rankings depending on total chip count. Starting the game

17. Players draw for deal. The first ace becomes the first dealer. Where there is no ace, the highest card wins. Where two or more players draw the same value, they will redraw until there is a winner.

18. The pit boss will start the timer and call "deal" and the game will commence.

19. The dealer will always offer the player to his right the option to cut the cards.

20. The cut card should always be placed at the base of the deck before dealing to prevent the bottom card being visible.

21. Players' cards and chips must remain on the table and be clearly visible to all players at all times.

22. Dealer responsibility rotates one seat clockwise after each hand.

23. Players must place their blinds. The small blind is the player seated to the left of the dealer. The big blind is the player seated to the left of the small blind.

24. Players must act in turn. A player raising out of turn.The bet will stand unless the action changes only then his/her bet can be taken out or call the bet (casino rules)

25. Players must play at a reasonable speed. Chatter and banter at the table is perfectly acceptable but priority must be given to playing the hand rather than finishing some long tale. If players cannot multi-task, play the hand first, then chat!

26. If a player is taking a long time over his/her action, any other player may call 'clock' and the dealer will allow 60 seconds for that player to act or he/she will be folded. The pit boss has discretion to disallow frivolous calls of 'clock'. Betting

27. The player to the left of big blind is first to act ("under the gun") on the opening hand and may either fold, call (match the big blind) or raise.

28. The minimum bet is equal to the size of the big blind.

29. The small blind must 'make up' to the value of the big blind before adding the raise.

30. No string bets. Players must clearly announce 'raise' and the amount they wish to raise by before placing any chips on the table. Alternatively, they may announce 'raise' and place an amount equal to the call. "Call and raise" is a string bet. Players may then count their chips before announcing the size of the raise, followed by placing the rest of the chips on the table in a single motion. If the bid is deemed a string bet, the player may only call on that round of betting.

31. If a player bets two or more chips into the pot without announcing 'raise' this will be considered to be a raise to the full value of the chips unless the chips total insufficient for a raise in which case it will become a call and change will be given. Game play

32. Verbal actions are binding.

33. If a card is dealt face-up by accident, it becomes the first burn card and must be left face up while dealing continues.

34. The burn cards and the muck cards must be kept separate until the hand is completed.

35. The current dealer is the only person allowed to touch the muck pile. No player is allowed to turn over any cards in the muck pile. After completion of the hand the current dealer will collect all cards and pass the deal and button.

36. Players who win a non-called pot are not required to show their cards. Where a hand is called, the called player(s) must either fold and muck their cards or show both cards to all players.

37. Where a player is not required to show his cards but chooses to do so, all players are entitled to see.

38. If two or more players tie, the pot will be split between the players who tied. If there is an odd chip, it will remain in the middle and become a part of the pot in the next hand.

39. If the player who is the small blind is eliminated, the dealer who dealt the last hand will deal again - 'back deal'. If the player who is big blind is eliminated, the small blind becomes the dealer and the player to his/her left becomes big blind and there is no small blind for that hand (casino rules).

40. The minimum raise is the size of the last bet.

41. All participating hands will be turned face-up whenever two or more players are 'all in' and betting action is complete.

42. Where a player lacks sufficient chips for a call, bet or the minimum raise and raises by all their remaining chips and calls 'all in', following players may call the all in amount. But where the player is all in for less than the big blind on the first round of betting, following players must call at least the big blind amount. The only exception is where there is only one other player still in action.

43. The minimum raise following such an under call or under raise is twice the bet including the under raise. In this situation, a side pot could occur for other players still involved in the hand.

44. Once a player has lost all the chips they are eliminated and must leave the table

45. If more than one player is eliminated on the same hand the player with the highest chip total at the beginning of the hand will be awarded the highest finishing points.

46. All tables should have an equal number of players. The pit boss will ask the next big blind player from a table to move to different tables in order to keep the number equal.

47. Players new to a table should sit in, or nearest to the left of, big blind. They may only be dealt in once they are big blind. The player may be dealt in, however, if he/she opts to put in big blind.

48. If more than 50% of the table is replaced with new players then each player will draw a card to see who will be the dealer.

49. Once final table has been announced, players must move to the final table and draw their seats.

50. When only two players remain, the player due to act as the big blind will do so and the other player will assume the dealer position. The dealer will act first prior to the flop and second after the flop.

51. Play continues until only one player is left with all the chips in play. Penalty folds

52. Players may not ask any other players or spectators for advice. If a player shows his/her hand to anyone – player or spectator - whilst still in the hand, the hand will be declared dead and folded with no claim on the pot. (casino rules)

53. If a player shows either or both of his/her cards before betting action is complete, the player remains in the hand but his/her cards must be left face up on the table while play continues.

54. Absent players will be dealt a hand and be held responsible for blinds. If a player is absent when it is his/her turn to act the hand will be folded.

55. If a player leaves the table and misses one complete blind, he/she will be removed from the tournament.

56. If at any time a player's cards touch the muck pile, the cards are dead and must remain in the muck; and the player loses all action on that hand. Finals

57. Qualification criteria, blind structures and prizes for monthly finals are issued separately.

58. These qualification requirements and prizes are kept under review and are expected to change over time. Prior notice will always be given before the start of the period to which the final relates. Poker Etiquette


Poker Etiquette

59. Poker etiquette is expected from all players. The pit boss may impose a penalty for inappropriate behaviour. Seriously abusive or disruptive behaviour may be punished with disqualification from the tournament.

60. Behaviour likely to prejudice the good standing of the league or likely to be damaging to the league may lead to expulsion from the league at the discretion of the directors.

61. English is the only language allowed at the table. The pit boss may exclude from the table any players persistently communicating in any other language.

62. Telephone conversations are not allowed at the table.

63. Players should not discuss a hand in play. This could unfairly influence players still involved in the hand.

64. Players are prohibited from placing money on a session table, as the law prohibits this. There will be no exceptions to this rule and violators will be asked to leave immediately.

65. The law also requires that players be aged 18 or over to play for the prizes.

66. NO Vaping while playing




68. Any player dissatisfied with a pit boss ruling is welcome to raise the issue with the league owners – email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

69. Any player whose behaviour is disruptive during a game will be given a verbal warning by the pit boss. If the behaviour continues, the player will be excluded from the game and his/her chips will be forfeit. Management reserve the right to ban any player, for a specified time or permanently, whose behaviour is continually disruptive, and which makes match nights and/or finals less enjoyable for others. DP020220