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CONGRATULATIONS TO STEVE ADAMS on winning the November/December rollover final.


Steve just can't stop winning.  Not only did he scoop the £750 prize for his win over 45 entrants at the Gala Casino in Bristol on Sunday 1st February 2015; but he also won the £25 bounty on the head of the last finals winner - Steve Adams.  So, congratulations to Steve on back to back wins.


First out was Dave Errington, quickly followed by Rob Morris - both fell to outrageous bids by amazingly jammy rubbish players (so I'm told). 


Final table time saw the following ten battling for the money.



  Player Chips
1 Steve Adams 256,000
2 Keith Wheeler 159,000
3 Gemma Morris 117,500
4 Chris Adams 78,500
5 Dish Patel 76,000
6 Nobby Clark 70,000
7 Julian Humphries 64,000
7 Richard Smith 64,000
9 Tim Dancey 45,500
10 Fran Oliver 19,000


 Final table 250115



Fran was shortstack by a distance so it was no surprise when she was first to leave.  Sadly her A3 of diamonds wasn't enough for Richard's pocket nines.


Next to go was Dish robbed by Tim Dancey whose A5 off hit the five on the flop leaving Dish to weep over his A10 off.


Out in eighth place was Chris whose pocket threes fell to Julian's AK off when the ace came on the flop and no set for Chris.


Next out was Tim when heads up with Steve.  Neither hit a thing and Steve's A10 off took the pot over Tim's 9,7 suited.


Out on the bubble was Nobby who llived in hope when his 10, 7 off became open-ended on the turn but it was not to be and Julian's J8 off was enough when he hit the eight on the flop.


So now we're all in the money.  Keith really fancied his KQ off particularly with a queen on the flop.  Unfortunately that was the only help he got and not enough when Steve turned over pocket bullets. But Keith left £100 richer for his efforts.


Richard's impressive final debut came to an end when he shoved with his 5, 2 of clubs.  Hit the 5 and a club on the flop.  Trouble was the club was a queen which brought a smile to Julian's face as he showed KQ off.  Another club on the turn saw that smile disappear but a low spade on the river saw Richard leaving to collect his £150 fourth prize.


Steve was chip leader by quite some way and Julian couldn't pass up K3 suited.  Steve called with A4 off and the high card was enough as neither player hit.  So Julian left to collect his £200 wages.


Heads up now between Gemma and Steve.  And the end soon came when Steve's 10, 4 suited was too much for Gemma's 5,4 off.  Game set and match Steve!


So Steve collected his winner's prize of £750 plus the £25 bounty on his own head.  Gemma took £300 plus £25 for the Royal Bounty as being the player to have the pleasure of taking Paresh out.



Steve Adams



 Finishing positions shown below:


1 Steve Adams
2 Gemma Morris
3 Julian Humphries
4 Richard Smith
5 Keith Wheeler
6 Nobby Clark
7 Tim Dancey
8 Chris Adams
9 Dish Patel
10 Fran Oliver
11 Nikki Humphries
12 Malcolm Adams
13 Emma Riley
14 Diana Tammsalu
15 Brendan Preedy
16 Will Hartland
17 Paresh Patel
18 Julian Robinson
19 Bob Davidson
20 Rich Holden
21 Jason Huntley
22 Simon Inglis
23 Kat Errington
24 Maz
25 Clive Smith
26 Mark Paget
27 Josh Harris
28 Jens Eberhardt
29 Andy Jones
30 Dennis Parsons
31 Mike Humphries
32 Martyn Bullingham
33 Richard Sheldon
34 Martyn Frost
35 Steve Patchett
36 Sarah Hawkings
37 Mark Taylor
38 Luke Gamble
39 Ady Parry-Smythe
40 Dom Frasca
41 Sandy Humphries
42 Mike Errington
43 Rob Bowen
44 Rob Morris
45 Dave errington